Why it is Started

We all know that health is more important than wealth. And no nation can progress without a healthy population. A good health can be maintained by having-

  • a balance diet, 
  • exercise and 
  • good sleep

In modern times, physical activities in day to day life has reduced to a great extent due to technology (machines, computers, mobiles etc.). In the age of globalization, life of people has become stressful. Also people has developed a habit of popping a pill over the counter for any damn health problem. All these factors has taken a toll on public health.

To address these issues, load on healthcare infrastructure is increasing day by day. So what is the solution ??  Solution is, to address the  primary causes first. Primary causes are lack of physical activities, lack of awareness and good habits,  And this is the area of main focus under Swasth Bharat Mission by Om foundation. Our aim is to instill good health habits through-

  • Regular yoga  classes
  • Sports camps
  • Medical camps
  • Awareness and promotion of good habits for maintaining good health

Our aim is to make people healthy and available for work to make a prosperous Bharat. and in turn, reduce the load on healthcare infrastructure.

Right now, our services has reached in 4 cities and expect it we will be able to expand our free services to 10 cities in 2021