Skill India

Education must include employability, but unfortunately our education system has a poor record from that point of view. To acknowledge this problem, the Govt of India has launched Skill India Program. Om Foundation is working towards this goal by providing skill to college students. We also act as a bridge between students and employers and provide internship programs.  At present, we are helping students to sharpen following  skills

  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Team building
  • Tele calling
  • Marketing¬†
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales
  • Website building
  • Yoga teacher’s training

We are working on building a network of business enterprises, who can provide internship programs for college students, so that student can have required skills and have greater chance of employability.

The govt of India has developed a portal for providing training program free of cost on hundreds of skills. For more details, please visit